About the Australian Labradoodle


The first Australian labradoodle was bred in 1989 by Wally Conron from the Royal Guide Dogs association. His objective was to produce an assistance dog that did not shed hair for people with allergies. The first Australian labradoodles were a simple cross between a Labrador and a poodle.

Rutland Manor and Tegan Park purchased some foundation dogs from Wally Conron and with different programmes, but with similar aims they continued to breed, develop and research the Autralian Labradoodle

By mid 2004 it was announced that the Australian labradoodle was not merely a Labrador and poodle cross, but that various parent breed infusions had been added to the lines to develop the qualities cherished in these dogs. There are six confirmed and approved parent breeds of the Australian labradoodle. These are poodle, Labrador retriever, irish water spaniel, curly coat retriever, American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel. Australian labradoodles are now multigenerational. The first breed standards were written in 1997 with the goal of eventually having the breed recognised in it’s own right

Why Choose an Australian Labradoodle

  • Non shedding, allergy friendly coat
  • Intuitive nature
  • Light footed, athletic, joyful
  • Love water
  • Love retrieving
  • Great family companion
  • Affectionate, loving, sociable and friendly
  • Intelligent, easily trainable