Australian Labradoodles are generally not greedy eaters. Let them eat what they want within a 10 minute period. Remove the bowl if the meal is not finished until the next feed time.

When your labradoodle puppy arrives he will have been eating 3 meals a day. Within a month or so of arrival most puppies are content with 2 meals a day. Some dogs are happy with one meal a day by the time they are 12 months old. Our adult dogs eat twice a day and really look forward to meal time. Weigh your labradoodle  on a regular basis, you will learn to adjust the diet accordingly.

Our labradoodles thrive on a fresh and mostly raw diet.

We love our Carots

We feed our labradoodles ‘4 legs’ for breakfast. This is a family owned Melbourne company, commercially prepared, available in supermarkets and contains no preservatives or additives. It is complete and balanced, available in several varieties, including puppy.

There are many other options available, but please do your research on what additives they have. Introduce any new foods gradually. You can prepare food yourself…put a few vegies in the blender with some raw mince, stir in a little cooked rice or pasta……doodlicious!!!!!

For dinner our Australian Labradoodles eat a variety of things: chicken frames, lamb ribs (their favourites!), chicken necks, chicken wings, marrow bones…..in fact pretty much anything with the word bone in it. But it must be raw, never cooked. Any type of rib bones are great….the dogs eat the whole bone. Get to know your local butcher and they will cut your bones up for you. The benefits of bones include sparkling white teeth, fresh breath, emotional satisfaction and stimulation

img_6709_6 4-legs

Chicken Framesimg_6703_2

img_6711_8 img_6705_2

 Our labradoodles eat apple, tomato, carrots. They also welcome any table scraps! (but we do try to limit them!) They love cheese, yoghurt and eggs. Try anything with the exception of the poisonous foods listed below

Lots of fresh water (but they are experts at finding flower pots with dirty water in the saucer and drinking that instead)

We do not feed our dogs ‘kibble’. If you do, try and intersperse it with fresh food as much as possible, in particular raw meaty bones.

Labradoodle Devouring Chicken Frames

What not to feed (poisonous to dogs)

  • Chocolate, grapes, raisins, advocadas
  • Cooked bones should never be fed to dogs (serious health issues can arise from the bones splintering and lodging in your dogs intestines)