Australian Labradoodles are highly intelligent and very easily trainable. We strongly recommend you book your puppy in for some training classes soon after his arrival. The key to all training is to be consistent, persistent and gentle.

What happens in your labradoodle puppy’s first 4 months of life goes a long way to shaping how your puppy will interact with the world for the rest of it’s life.

Your puppy needs to distinguish his place in your pack soon after his arrival. Be sure he sees you as the leader of his pack. The puppy must learn that his place in the pack is lower than everyone else’s in your family. Be consistent and have everyone in your household following the same training process.

Don’t let your puppy develop bad habits in the first place. Nipping must not be tolerated from the outset.

Set your rules from day one: if you do not want your dog to jump up on people or on the furniture this rule must start immediately.

Learn how to speak to your puppy to get attention and praise often.

Your labrdoodle puppy will naturally want to please you, but it will take some time to increase puppies attention span.

Be sure to provide plenty of stimulating toys for your puppy to play with.  Rotate the toys to give variety. 

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The time you invest in training your labradoodle from it’s arrival in your home will ensure you have a family companion who is a pleasure to own and does not become mischevious and bored