Kiwi Pride Mr Anzac “Zac”

We love that Zac’s name is “Kiwi Pride Mr Anzac”, it’s so fitting for a dog who is the blend of the best Australia and New Zealand have to offer

In both Australia and New Zealand the Anzac spirit stands, for reckless valor in a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship, and endurance that will never own defeat.  Zac is a true larrakin and a mate.  He is lucky enough to live in a guardian home with Allison and Paul and his own labradoodle companion Honey

Zac is medium in size with a curly chocolate fleece coat.  He is loyal and loving and we are proud to have him in our programme.  Thanks so much Jody from Kiwi Pride for sending Zac to us from over the ditch.  We are ever so grateful


Name: Kiwi Pride Mr Anzac “Zac”
Birthdate: February 10th  2011
Sire: Tamaruke Kiwi Jaffa
Dam: Kiwi Pride Miss Catherine
Coat: Chocolate
Size: Medium
Grading: ALF2
ALA Reg: B3100160500
Hip Score: elbows normal, Pennhip: .23/.33 >90th percentile
Eyes: PRAprcd Clear

Zac 18 months old face

Zac at the letter box

Zac in New Zealand

Zac 12 months old

Zac sitting

Zac in profile