Nicnak Prince Charming “Ollie”

Ollie is a gorgeous medium sized boy with a soft,dark chocolate fleece coat.  Ollie has completed all of his health testing and we are very excited to see him become a Daddy in the second half of 2014.  I think a number of our girls might hope to have a date with him one day.

Ollie lives with a guardian family and has a quiet and gentle nature.  He loves being a part of their family!

Name: Nicnak Prince Charming “Ollie”
Birthdate: February 7th, 2013
Sire: Nicnak Freddo
Dam: Jajaca Diva Queen
Coat: Chocolate
Size: Medium
Grading: ALF2
ALA Reg: E4100171906
Hip Score: Elbows No Dysplasia, Hips, OFA excellent, Pennhip .32/.52
Eyes: Clear A