Rocky Creek Red Foxe “Benji”

Our little red headed boy Benji is the perfect combination of his father Wally and mother Lorelei.  He’s definitely a chip off the old block.

Benji lives with his half brother Charlie from Diva and Wally.  He’s the most gorgeous shade of dark golden red.  He’s just like a fleecy little Ginger Meggs.

Benji is a very sweet, happy, playful and fun loving boy and his mischievous and cheeky ways give his family a lot of laughs.

Name: Rocky Creek Red Foxe “Benji”
Birthdate: 20th June 2014
Sire: Coulee Prince of Wales “Wally”
Dam: Rocky Creek Sea Siren “Lorelei”
Coat: Gold
Size: Medium
Grading: ALF2
ALA Reg: 0141-044-01
Hip Score: Pennhip: .28/.28 greater than 90th percentile, AVA: 2+4, Elbows 0+0
Eyes Clear A