Toy Le Rouge Cherry Biscotti “Gili”

Gili is unique in our breeding programme

Gili is a red standard poodle and is the only dog in our programme who is not a multi generational labradoodle.   We chose Gili as she introduces size, colour  and diverification of blood lines….and everyone who meets her thinks she is a labradoodle!

Gili has a red wool coat and she loves to run like the wind!  She is playful and affectionate and very obedient.  Gili lives in the city with her very own guardian family and loves coming to visit her labradoodle friends where she enjoys proving that she can out run them!

Name: Toy Le Rouge Cherry Biscotti “Gili”
Birthdate: November 18th 2011
Sire: Not Disclosed
Dam: Not Disclosed
Coat: Red
Size: Standard
Grading: Standard Poodle
ALA Reg: B3100176500
Hip Score: ElbowsNo Dysplasia, Hips .46/.45 60th percentile
Eyes: Clear A

Gili looking regal

Gili all grown up

Cherry with firewood

Gili 18 months

Gili sitting

Cherry 5 months old


Gili’s Litters

Gili & Wally

Gili & Max