Kiwi Pride Dream Come True – “Diva”

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly

– Langston Hughes

Darling Diva, may you have champagne wishes and caviar dreams as you live the life of a pampered princess with us

Diva joins us from Kiwi Pride in New Zealand.  She is full of confidence, lithe and athletic.  She would be the life of any party, a total social butterfly….in fact, a true Diva!

Name: Kiwi Pride Dream Come True “Diva”
Birthdate: March 2008
Sire: Rutlands Lil Splendor
Dam: Cloudcatcher Jewels Zsa Zsa
Coat: Lavender Fleece
Size: Small Medium
Grading: ALF6
ALA Reg: B3100140500
Hip Score: AVA Elbows 0/0, Hips 5+6=11
Eyes: Clear

Diva at the Vineyard

Diva at the Vineyard

Diva in Chocolate Multicouloured Stripes

Diva on Mothers Day

Diva smiling


Diva’s Litters

Diva & Archie

Diva & Wally 2010

Wally & Diva 2011

Diva & Wally 2013