Nicnak Hetty “Cusith”

Cu Sith means ‘fairy dog’ in Gaelic

However unlike the mythological hound roaming the Scottish and Irish countryside, Cus Sith in neither large, nor green…she is however ‘hairy’

Cu Sith is large miniature in size with a beautiful black fleece coat.  She lives in her own busy guardian family in Melbourne and is enjoys doing all the things family dogs do….parks, school runs, trips to the beach and all the excitement of the many comings and goings in a normal life with children.

Cu Sith takes everything in her stride, she is such a happy girl and has a real zest for life.

We are grateful to Nicolette at Nicnak labradoodles for sending us this gorgeous girl…thank you!

Name: Nicnak Hetty ‘Cusith’
Birthdate: December 23rd, 2011
Sire: Jajaca Pinky Tuscadero
Dam: Tallai Xcalibur
Coat: Black Fleece
Size: Mini/Small Medium
Grading: ALF2
ALA Reg: B4100156502
Hip Score: 90th percentile, .32/.37, OFA Good
Elbow Score: Elbows no dysplasia

Cusith on April Fools Day

Cusith 14 months old

Cusith at 9 months of age

Cusith 14 months old

Beautiful Cusith 15 weeks old


Cu Sith’s Litters

Cu Sith & Woody

Cu Sith & Ollie