Raresilver Bellatrix “Lola”

What Lola’s Guardian Family Say

Miss Lola is a valued family member. She is fantastic with the kids ( both ours and others ). From the time she was about 8mths old our 4yr old and 6 yr old have been walking her to and from school every day. Each morning she is tied up inside the gate while I take Emily into her classroom and every morning when I return she has at least one, sometimes 4-5, kids patting, cuddling and loving her.

Lola has attended obedience training since she came to live with us. She has been a dream to train and flown up the levels over the months.

Lola has made many four legged friends in the neighborhood. Every dog we meet she instantly assumes is her friend and she loves her time at the off lead park every week. She loves to chase balls and has a collection of soft toys at home which are used for a quiet game of fetch each evening. Lola thinks she is friends with our cat however is smart enough to know that he is not to be trusted!

For a dog who was NOT going to be allowed on beds or couches Lola has managed to charm her way up! She never jumps up uninvited but somehow manages a cuddle most days. When the kids have been sick she has taken on the role of Pet Therapy Dog and spends the day diligently by their side be it on a couch or a bed.

Name: Raresilver Bellatrix “Lola”
Birthdate: February 25th 2010
Sire: Coulee Prince of Wales
Dam: Raresilver Midnight Star
Coat: Black
Size: Medium
Grading: ALF2
ALA Reg: B 3100184804
Hip Score: Hips .29/.41 80th percentile, OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal
Eyes: Clear A



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