Rocky Creek Fame ‘n Honour “Juno”

Precious Juno is treasured and adored

Juno means Queen of heaven and is the protector of women and families….what a lovely pet name Kellie and Jackson have chosen for their girl.

Thank you Kellie and Jackson for welcoming Juno into your home and hearts as your little ‘fur baby’.  Juno is very loved and treated like royalty.  As you can imagine Juno thrives on being treasured.  She has the sweetest temperament and has her humans wrapped around her paws….and who wouldn’t be by this delightful and fun loving girl.  She is the perfect blend of a snuggle bunny and a mischevious imp.

Juno has a cafe coloured fleece coat that has a frosted look…quite delicious!  She is medium in size.  We look forward to seeing puppies from Juno in the future….and we are sure she will be very protective of her family.

Name: Rocky Creek Fame n Honour ‘Juno’
Birthdate: February 23rd 2011
Sire: Sunsethills Got Fame n my Name
Dam: Kiwi Pride Princess Dainty
Coat: Cafe
Size: Medium
Grading: ALF3
ALA Reg: E3100152206
Hip/Elbow Score: OFA: Hips Excellent/Elbows Normal, Pennhip: .49/.53, 50th percentile
Eyes: Clear by Parentage

Juno's face profile 13 months of age

Juno 10 weeks old

Juno in the garden

Juno Portrait

Juno...with her lovely frosted coat

Juno Profile


Juno’s Litters

Juno & Wooki