Rocky Creek Maple Sugar “Koru”

As sweet as Maple Sugar………


The pet name chosen by Maple Sugar’s guardian family is Maori for new life, growth, strength and peace….what a wonderful name for a breeding puppy.  Her pedigree name of Maple Sugar suits her also….she is as sweet as maple sugar!!

Koru is the ‘little girl in Julia and Tony’s family….she has 3 human brothers and she gets lots of playing and loving.  Koru goes to the beach regularly and loves walking around the suburbs with her family.  Koru is ball obsessed, just like her father Wally, and also her half sister Lorelei.  Everyone who meets Koru falls instantly in love with her… could not meet a sweeter, more engaging little girl.  She is full of energy and has the bunny energiser bounce in her step.

Thank you so much Julia, Tony and boys for being the perfect guardian family for Koru.

Koru has near perfect hip scores, the most lovely gold fleece coat, and is the perfect size to pop under your arm and into the car.  Her family love her….and so do we.  We’re very excited to have bred such a gorgeous girl.

Name: Rocky Creek Maple Sugar ‘Koru’
Birthdate: June 7th 2012
Sire: Coulee Prince of Wales “Wally”
Dam: Rocky Creek Molly Bloom
Coat: Gold
Size: Miniature-Small Medium
Grading: ALF3
ALA Reg: B3100153702
Hip Score: OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Pennhip: .34/.38, 90th percentile


Clear by Parentage

Koru Easter 2012

Koru 7 months old

Koru 10 months old

Maple Sugar ‘Koru’ with hydrangeas


Koru’s Litters

Koru & Wooki

Koru & Louie