Rocky Creek Bridie O’Reilly

Rocky Creek Bridie O’Reilly was born on January 23rd 2009.  She is the daughter of Tegans Irish Crystal and Tegan Park Pooh Bear.  Bridie has the most beautiful soft temperament and loves snuggling up on your lap.  She has a fleece coat in the  colour of milk chocolate and in the sun it has red highlights.

Name: Rocky Creek Bridie O’Reilly
Birthdate: January 23rd 2009
Sire: Tegan Park Pooh Bear
Dam: Tegan Park Irish Crystal
Coat: Cafe-lavender
Size: Small Medium
Grading: Pure Australian Labradoodle
ALA Reg: B3100133501
Hip Score: AVA Elbows 0/0, Hips 4+4=8
Eyes: Clear

Bridie O'Reilly

Bridie O'Reilly


Bridie O'Reilly at 10 Weeks

Bridie at 10 Months

Bridie at 10 Months

Bridie with Fur Balls

Bridie with Fur Balls


Bridie in the Vineyard

We are delighted to have Bridie in our breeding programme, she is Miss Personality plus!


Bridie’s Litters

Bridie & Parker

Bridie & Zulu

Bridie & Parker 2012

Bridie & Wooki