Previous Litters – Bridie O’Reilly & Cloudcatcher Zulu

zulu-standing Bridie with Fur Balls



Size: Miniature
Colour: Chocolate
Coat: Fleece
ALAA Registration: B2100137503
DNA: LAD28018
Hips: 6+1=7 Elbows=0+0
Eye Test: Clear A

Rocky Creek

Bridie O’Reilly

Size: Small Medium
Colour: Cafe/Lavender
Coat: Fleece
ALA Registration: B3100133501
DNA: LAD28704
Hips: 4+4=8, Elbows=0+0
Eye Test: Clear A

Zulu and Bridie are a match made in heaven. Bridie gave birth to 7 puppies on Monday June 13th, it was a Queens Birthday Holiday to celebrate….4 dashing boys and 3 charming girls. The puppies have beautiful fleece coats in chocolate and cream tonings and will be miniature and small medium in size. These babies are super special…as those who have long been Bridie admirers know! Bridie is incredibly soulful and thinks she is a little human inside a fur suit. Zulu introduces new blood lines and smaller genes to Rocky Creek. Thank you Rachel and Mel at Cloudcatchers for caring for Bridie whilst she visited with the handsome Zulu

We look forward to watching them grow over the following weeks.

Applications for this litter are closed as we confirm those on our waiting list.

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