Rocky Creek Molly Bloom


Rocky Creek Molly Bloom was born on January 23rd 2009.  She is the daughter of Tegans Irish Crystal and Tegan Park Pooh Bear.  She has a beautiful caramel fleece coat and can run and leap as fast as a rabbit.

Name: Rocky Creek Molly Bloom
Birthdate: January 23rd 2009
Sire: Tegan Park Pooh Bear
Dam: Tegan Park Irish Crystal
Coat: Caramel
Size: Small Medium
Grading: Pure Australian Labradoodle
ALA Reg: B3100133500
Hip Score: AVA Elbows 0/0, Hips 5+5=10
Eyes: Clear
Molly Bloom with Fur Balls
molly-bloom-10-months Molly Bloom


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