Tegans Irish Crystal

Tegans Irish Crystal is from the Creme de la Creme of Tegan Park and Rutland Manor therapy dog lines. Crystal is the offspring of Tegan Park Irish Opal and Rutland’s Nirvana. Her family are now international. Nirvana is standing stud in the UK and Irish Opal is living at Acadian Labradoodles in the US. Her maternal Grandmother is Tegan Park’s Irish Sunset (Amber) and her paternal family tree includes Rutland’s Gabrielle and Magnum. She was born in April 2007.

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She is medium in size with a super soft spiral fleece coat. Crystal’s colour is ice caramel….she has a rose nose and ghost like hazel eyes.

She has the sweetest disposition and alternates between being a total bundle of energy and a complete rag doll. Crystal takes the place of a woollen blanket over your legs on the couch on a cold winters night!

Crystal has had all all her health and DNA testing completed. Her hips are in the top 20% of all labradoodles tested by the PennHip method.

Crystal has retired after giving us 4 beautiful litters……she continues to rule the roost at Rocky Creek and keeps a close watch on all the day to day activities.  Thank you Crystal for the great contribution you have made, you will continue to be treated as a queen which you so richly deserve!

Crystal’s Litters

Crystal & Zappa

Crystal & Pharaoh

Crustal & Duffy 2010

Crystal & Duffy 2011