Previous Litters – Crystal & Zappa

Tegans Irish Crystal and Tegan Park Pooh Bear (Zappa) puppies arrived Friday January 23rd and Saturday January 24th 2009

11 beautiful australian labradoodle puppies arrived at the start of the Australia Day weekend. We had 6 gorgeous girls and 5 little men. They are all healthy and vigorous. We have 2 chocolate girls, 3 chocolate boys, 4 caramel and cream girls and 2 caramel and cream boys.

We are delighted that all of the puppies have found loving forever homes

Puppy 1 Caramel Female Fluorescent Pink Collar

New Born Pictures


Two week old playtime

Fluro Collar Girl

Five Week Old Puppies

Maggie - Fluro Pink Collar Girl

Eight Week Old Puppies

Puppy 1 Fluoro Pink collar girl 1 week old

One Week Old Pictures


Three week old valentines

Fluro pink collar girl

Six Week Old Puppies

Maggie - Fluro Pink Collar Girl

Bon Voyage Puppies, we will miss you


Two Week Old Pictures

Fluro Collar Girl

Four week old pictures

Fluro Pink Collar Girl

Seven Week Old Puppies


Ten Week Old Puppies

Lucinda to Bundanoon

Homecoming Puppies

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