Guardian Home Programme

Our Guardian home families get to have the very best Australian Labradoodles we have…our pick of the litter puppy. These puppies will be assessed for entering our breeding programme at 8-12 months of age. If added to our programme the girls will return to Rocky Creek to give birth to up to 3 litters, before returning home to their forever family. They will need to spend 6-7 weeks with us for each litter.  Boys just need to visit for a few hours at a time.  Our programme is designed to benefit the puppy, the guardian family and Rocky Creek. We do not kennel our dogs and want them to live the lives of pampered pets and experience the joy of having their very own family.  We believe the very best future family pets come from parent dogs raised as family pets.  Please contact us on for further information


Rocky Creek Ima Creme Delite

Creme in now 4 months old and is ready to join a guardian family all of her own.  Creme delite will grow to be medium in size with a silk fleece ice caramel coat and piercing human like eyes.  Please contact us if you wish to have the opportunity of having this creme de la creme baby as a member of your family.


Rocky Creek Paprika

Paprika is 3 months old and has a soft and gentle personality.  Paprika will grow to be a large medium in size and has a soft gold fleece coat.


Rocky Creek Irish Rose

Rosie is 3 months old and and developing the ball skills of her mother already.  Rosie is very intelligent and learns new tricks very quickly.  Rosie has a dark chocolate fleece coat and is medium in size.  Rosie and Paprika are best friends!

If you are interested in finding out more about our Guardian Home Program, please contact us at: