Living and loving the Australian Labradoodle.
Our puppies are raised with ethics, knowledge and love.

PER: BR 100581
ALA Member: #0141-08
Murrindindi Shire 25/2022/9899

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    Take time to smell the roses and breathe the fresh air!

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    Enjoy the simple things in life, relax, play, be yourself

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    Live each day with exuberance and joy

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    Love unconditionally, forgive immediately, `be loyal

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    With a Rocky Creek Vineyard Labradoodle by your side

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    Our Guiding Principles

    We breed the Australian Labradoodle on a 'boutique' scale and hope to maintain lasting relationships with any labradoodles we breed. Being born into the Rocky Creek Vineyard Labradoodle family gives you a lifelong membership. Breeding responsibly and healthily are very important to us. We truly believe that dogs are man's best friend and any labradoodles we own will live like kings and queens. Tony and I manage every aspect of our programme ourselves. All our pups are welcomed into the world and hand raised by us. To us they are, and always will be family. We are a breeder member of the Australian Labradoodle Association.

    About Us

    We have a vineyard at Glenburn in Victoria, Australia. Half of the property is virgin native bush….lots of fresh air and room to run free. Our labradoodles thrive on fresh country air, swimming in the dam, running free through the vineyard, rolling in the grass and watching kangaroos and other wildlife. They also love lounging on their ottomans in front of the fire.

    We breed on a ’boutique’ scale and hope to maintain lasting relationships with any labradoodles we breed.
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